About Min


Pyong Gap Min is Distinguished Professor of Sociology at Queens College and the Graduate Center, and director of the Research Center for Korean Community at Queens College

He completed his undergraduate education at Seoul National University majoring in history. He taught English in a high school and worked for Korea Herald before he came to the U.S. for further study.  He received a master’s degree in history, and two Ph.D. degrees, one in educational philosophy and the other in sociology, all from Georgia State University.

Specialty Areas: Immigration and Ethnic Identity, Immigrant/Ethnic Entrepreneurship, Gender, Women and the Family, New Immigrants and Their Religions with a focus on Korean and Asian Americans; The “Comfort Women” Issue and the Redress Movement for the Victims of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery.

Current Teaching Interests: Immigration and Ethnicity; New Immigrants and Their Religions; The “Comfort Women” Issue and the Redress Movement for the Victims.