Selected Books

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Forthcoming (February 2021).  “Korean Comfort Women”: Military Brothels, Brutality, and the Redress Movement. NJ: Rutgers University Press.

2010. Preserving Ethnicity through Religion in America: Korean Protestants and Indian Hindus in New York City. New York: New York University Press. The winner of the 2010 Outstanding Book Award from the Association for Studies of Koreans Abroad; The winner of Honorable Mention in the 2011 Thomas and Znaniecki Best Book Award competition from the International Migration Section of the American Sociological Association; The winner of the 2012 Honorable Mention Award (second-place) by the Sociology of Religion Section of the American Sociological Association. I have given talks about this book or book manuscript (before publication) about 20 times for various organizations in the United States, Korea, Canada and Taiwan. 

2008. Solidarity for Economic Survival: Korean Greengrocers in New York City. New York: Russell Sage Foundation. Introduced the book at CUNY TV’s “City Talks” program in March, 2008; The New York Times gave extensive coverage of the book in September 2008. I participated in the Brian Leher Show of WNYC to discuss Korean produce stores in January 2011. The Korean Produce Association, Korea Society, and the CUNY Graduate Center Sociology Program organized events for publication of this book in October and November 2008.

1998 Changes and Conflicts: Korean Immigrant Families in New York City. Boston: Allyn and Bacon. 132 Pages. Fifth Printing Published in 2002. Chapter 4 (Marital Relations, p.37-57) Reprinted in Migration, Globalization, and Ethnic Relations: An Interdisciplinary Approach, edited by Mohsen M. Mabasher and Mahmaud Sadri (Prentice Hall, 2004).Reviewed by Contemporary Sociology 

1996. Caught in the Middle: Korean Communities in New York and Los Angeles. University of California Press: Berkeley.261 pages. The winner of the 1997 National Book Award in Social Science from the Association for Asian American Studies and a Co-winner of the 1998 Outstanding Book Award from the Asian and Asian American Section of the American Sociological Association. Reviewed by about 20 journals in addition to New York   Newsday, Los Angeles Times, and Village Voice. A daily in Korea (Chosun Ilbo) devoted a one-page coverage to the book. Reviewed by Contemporary Sociology.

Portion Reprinted on pp.58-71 in Multiculturalism in the United States: Current Issues and Contemporary Voices, edited by Peter Kivisto and Georganne Rundbld (Pine Forge Press, 2000).

1988. Ethnic Business Enterprise: Korean Small Business in Atlanta. New York: Center For Migration Studies. 180 Pages.    

Edited and Co-Edited Volumes

Min, Pyong Gap, Thomas Chung, and Sejung SageYim. 2020. Japanese  Military Sexual Slavery: The Transnational Redress Movement. Germany: De Gruyter

Min, Pyong Gap and Sejung Yim. (eds.). 2016. Koreans Who Have Promoted the Korean’Language in New York (in Korean). Seoul: Bookorea.

Lee, Gwangho, Pyong Gap Min, Jong-Gwon Park, and Ji-Young Oh. (eds.). 2015. Korean Schools in the New York-New Jersey Area: Their History and Current Status (in Korean). Seoul: Bookorea.

Min, Pyong Gap, and Samuel Noh (eds.). 2014. Second Generation Korean Experiences in the United States and Canada. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

Min, Pyong Gap, Thomas Chung, and Young Oak Kim (eds.). 2014. Korean Americans Who Have Empowered the Korean Community: Personal Narratives by Korean American Politicians and Community Organizers, Bilingual Book. Seoul: Bookorea.                          

Min, Pyong Gap, and Thomas Chung (eds.). 2014. Younger-Generation Korean Experiences in the U.S.: Personal Narratives on Ethnic and Racial Identities. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. Reviewed by Contemporary Sociology.

Min, Pyong Gap (ed.).2013). Koreans in North American: Their Twenty-First Century Experiences. Lexington Books. The Author of 6 of 11 Chapters.  Reviewed by Contemporary Sociology.

Min, Pyong Gap (ed.). 2006. Asian Americans: Contemporary Trends and Issues, Second Edition. Thousand Oaks, CA: Pine Forge Press. 358 pages. The Author of 5 of 12 Chapters.

Min, Pyong Gap (ed.). 2005 Encyclopedia of Racism in the United States, 3 volumes. The Editor. Greenwood Press. 800 pages. Selected by Booklist Editors as one of the best books (23 books) in the reference category published in 2005

Min, Pyong Gap. 2002. Mass Migration in the United States: Classical and Contemporary Periods. The Editor. Altamira Press. 314 pages. 

Min, Pyong Gap. 1999. The Second Generation: Ethnic Identity among Asian Americans. The Editor. Altamira Press. 265 pages.

Min, Pyong Gap, and Jung Ha Kim. 2002. Building Faith Communities: Asian Immigrants and Religions. Altamira Press.

Min, Pyong Gap, and Rose Kim (eds.). 1999. Struggle for Ethnic Identity: Narratives by Asian American Professionals. Walnut Creek: Altamira Press. Co-Editor. 252 pages. The winner of Honorable Mention in the 2006 Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book Awards from The Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Human Rights and Bigotry.

Min, Pyong Gap (ed.). 1995 Asian Americans: Contemporary Trends and Issues. Newbury Park: Sage Publications. 295 Pages. The Author of Five of the 10 Chapters.  Portion Reprinted in pp.195-204 in Race and Ethnic Conflicts: Contending Views on Prejudice, Discrimination, and Ethnoviolence, edited by Fred Pincus and Howard Ehrlich, Second Edition (Westview Press, 1998). Portion Reprinted in pp.450-463 in Rethinking The Color Line: Reading in Race and Ethnicity, edited by Charles Gallagher (Mayfield Publishing Company, 1999).